Banque Casino validates its applications with Agilitest

October 14, 2019

October, 14th 2019 - A subsidiary of the Casino and Crédit Mutuel groups, Banque Casino, which has more than 2.7 million customers and finances more than €1.7 billion, has been deploying Agilitest to validate its applications for almost a year. One of Banque Casino's major strengths lies in its ability to cooperate with the best players in the development of its innovations.

Banque Casino success story

Banque Casino's banking solutions development teams have lead this need : the quality control and customer satisfaction of developed applications, which required the implementation of a software test automation solution.

The objective was to have automated tests carried out in a very simple way by a business team without pure technical skills, in a very constrained environment. In addition, the software tests carried out had to reproduce representative and complete customer end-to-end scenarios involving several technological solutions (Web, Mobility, etc.).

Between November 2018 and February 2019, they achieved an ambitious benchmark on the main solutions on the market, including Agilitest, by evaluating the following criteria: accessibility, maintainability, deployment, reporting, Jenkins support, web testing, desktop testing, mobile testing, API testing…

Choosing Agilitest

At the end of this phase, Agilitest was selected and deployed from February 2019 on a pilot project. Since then, the functional coverage of the application has been achieved largely through automated tests with Agilitest. On new projects, for a ratio of one tester to 5 to 10 developers, this coverage has been increased to about 75% in less than a year! On existing systems, they are transforming a large part of the historical manual tests into automated tests. Thanks to the automation of these time-consuming tasks, teams can now concentrate on other, more strategic projects.

The Bank Casino Project Manager - Stéphane PYLA - comments on the successful deployment of Agilitest: "We carry out complete tests of our industrial process, for example the credit submission process upstream on Web technologies up to the validation of the back office's behaviour with Web services: we validate as closely as possible to our customers' needs. In addition, Agilitest has allowed us to control the release delays of our applications, productivity gains and workloads have allowed us to broaden the scope of our activities, because we have much less repetitive manual validation workload. Finally, the relevance of this solution allows us to extend our field of intervention to other activities within the company.

The satisfaction is shared on the Agilitest side: "Since our first Agilitest release, our customers are at the center of our priorities. Banque Casino is a demanding client for whom we have accelerated some of the developments planned in our roadmap, such as Neoload support. The constant discussions between both teams confirmed our strategy on product development priorities and customer support".

This collaboration and the success of the two teams will be the subject of a communication by Banque Casino's teams at the UCAAT (User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing) international exhibition to be held in Bordeaux from October the 22nd to the 24th, for which Agilitest is a Gold partner.

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