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The Agilitest actions menu

The Agilitest actions menu is central and allows you to manually declare all possible actions in a test script.

The Actions that act directly on application components are the following : Keyboard Input, Mouse, Check, Properties, Select and Javascript, they can be directly declared by drag-dropping an element using the capture functionnality of the application.

Here are the details of the actions:

Agilitest types of actions

Channel oriented actions

These actions allow you to create, close and change the current channel of your test, they are integrated directly into the script. Which is to differentiate from actions that act on the currently open channels and which will allow you to capture elements of interfaces. It is important to understand this point which is central to the effectiveness of Agilitest.

Navigation oriented actions

In the case of automation of applications on remote services, Web and Webservices, these actions will allow you to indicate which URL to navigate to and which protocol to select: Web / HTTP, SOAP, REST.

Sub-script actions

No submenu for this action that creates a subscript directly, but you can use this action in two ways:

Keyboard oriented actions

The Keyboard Input action sends keyboard events to your application, key presses, with or without additional special keys.

Mouse oriented actions

The "Mouse" action is used to manage the mouse on applications running on PC, but also the specific actions of mobile applications, such as the swipe.

Checks actions

The verify action can generate an explicit control or assertion in your test, which will potentially lead to a test fail or allow it to continue.

property icon

Property actions

The property action allows you, from a captured component, to retrieve one of its properties to put in a variable.

This variable can then be used to define other dependent variables, create assertions, and so on.

window icon

Window action

The action window allows you to manage windows operating system, modal windows desktop applications, and browser tabs.

It does not allow to manage the internal windows of some Web applications, which are floating HTML elements, directly accessible with Web automation.

A specific menu is also available to manage the dialog boxes without adding unnecessary complexity.

select icon

Select action

This action affects the specific components which are SELECT in web browsers or COMBO-BOXES in desktop applications.

scripting icon

Javascript action

The javascript action is used to execute Javascript code on a component.

It is distinguished from the Java runtime action that occurs outside a component context (but can still retrieve variables).

comment icon

Commentary action

In addition to simple technical comments, this action will allow you to declare functional milestones in your test.

Action "Neoload"

This action is not visible by default, you must modify Agilitest configuration to activate it.

It allows you to interface your test with Neoload to allow it to automatically recover the scenario that is replayed by your test.

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