Channel management

▶️ You can find a tutorial on how to manage channels on our Youtube channel.

Tests performed with Agilitest are created from scripts that open channels to communicate with the application under test. Agilitest allows you to open multiple channels on multiple devices.

In an Agilitest-generated ATS script, there is always one active channel at any given time, and all actions are directed to that channel.

In Agilitest there is a distinction between actions to manage channels in ATS scripts and the channel management menu in the editor to perform graphical element capture operations.

Start a channel

All tests must start with a channel start action.

To do this, click on the channel action in the action menu

channels action

Then, click on "Start channel".

start channel action

Next, it is best to rename the channel you have opened so that it can be referenced in the following actions.

To do this, click directly on the “Start channel” action

start channel action in editor

Then enter the name you want to give to your channel.

channel name

The "Start channel" action allows you to select the application that Agilitest will launch for you, you have several possibilities:

application panel
  • Open a browser among those proposed (MsEdge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Internet Explorer)
  • Open a Windows Explorer
  • Open a desktop application defined in your configuration
  • Open a mobile application (Android or iOS)
  • Open any .exe application.
  • Open a Webservice

It is possible to open multiple channels in a same script.

Switch channel

switch channel

The "Switch channel" action allows you to switch from one channel to another opened channel identified by its name.

switch channel action in editior

From this action, all the following actions will be directed to the specified channel in the "Switch channel" action.

🔸 Warning

Starting a new channel means that it will activates it directly.

You can also use the channel management menu to change the active channe.

To do this, click on the blue check mark next to the channel name to make the channel active

channels management

However, switching channel in the channel management menu will not figure as an action in your script.

Close channel

close channel action

Closing a channel tells Agilitest that this channel will no longer be used during this test, and will close the application.

You can also close the current channel from the run management panel in the Agilitest editor.

To do that, click on the “Close” button

close channel action in channels management

Or the “Stop” sign on the channel line

stop channel button

🔸 Warning

You should not close your channel manually directly from the application. Agilitest is not intrusive (no plugin), it has no way of knowing that you have closed an application directly by the actions of the operating system (Example: by clicking on the cross of the application window).

Connec a channel to an application already launched

It is also possible to channel to a process already existing in your operating system.

To do this, you can use the command process:// supplemented with a regular expression to find your process in the list of already started processes.

Example :



Channels management menu

The channel management menu allows you to manage the different input channels of the actions when debugging tests.

The channel management menu is located on the left, under the project explorer.

channels management menu

It has several icons with the following functions:

Capture button

capture button

This action is only available if you have already opened a channel. It allows you to enter the capture mode and select the elements on which to perform actions.

Close button

close button in channels management menu

This action allows you to cleanly close an open channel, i.e. close the application and tell Agilitest that it is closed.

Play button

play button

This action starts a complete execution from the current action. If you are not sure about an action to start a test, you will get the following message:

agilitest error

In Agilitest, all scripts can be sub-scripts of other scripts. In the editor, it is impossible for Agilitest to determine the start of a test, so you must indicate which action you want to start your test with in the editing and debugging phases.

Next button

next button

This action executes the selected action and moves to the next action. You can therefore execute your test in sequence, step by step. This action is equivalent to the execution action of each action displayed to the right of the current action in the editor.

Parameters button

parameters button

This action displays a sub-menu for selecting the current execution parameters in the editor.

executions management parameters
  • Animate: This allows you to replay the test by animating the actions performed.

Example: mouse movement, clicks, text entry, etc...

  • Visual report: The visual report has the same result as the animation, but in the form of a video report: an ATSV file (ATS Video) is generated in the /target/reports directory. It is not necessary to put the replay in animation mode to get the visual report.
  • XML Report: Agilitest will produce a test execution report in XML format (actions.xml), as well as a set of images corresponding to the screens that were visited by the test. These elements are stored in the directory /target/report/>test_name>. They can then be manipulated to produce three levels of execution reports as well as a pdf report using JASPER. The production of an XML report activates the generation of a visual report.
  • Run in reduced mode: This allows you to hide the Agilitest editor during the test execution, and thus better see the application under test.
agilitest execution in reduced mode

💡 Tip

The reduced mode is very useful if you use Agilitest on a single screen.

Potential problems

Channel opening failures

What to do if the Agilitest editor won't open a test and capture a channel?

If this is a JDK problem, then :

  • Verify that Java has been installed and that its version is compatible with Agilitest (version 14+)

It can be installed directly from the Agilitest "Configurations" menu in the top right-hand corner of the editor.

settings button

Click on the "Download" button to download the latest version of Java directly from Agilitest

download button

If the problem is with the drivers and/or libraries:

This means that a file is blocked by the firewall or antivirus software. In this case there are two possible solutions:

  1. Regenerate drivers and libs files
  • Repeat the operation, making sure that the blocking does not recur (temporary neutralisation of the antivirus).
  • Close Agilitest
  • Go to your computer's user folder to manually delete the "drivers" and "libs" folders.
drivers and libs folders
  • Open Agilitest again to force a regeneration of the files with the latest versions available in SAAS
Components update


         2. Download packages manually to deploy them yourself

  • Via the "Settings" menu, download the zipped Drivers and Libraries package
Download ats components button
  • The "" archive will be automatically downloaded via your default browser.
  • Unzip this "" archive containing the "drivers" and "libs" folders into your own user folder.
  • C:\User\”Your_Account”\.actiontestscript

If the problem persists, you can contact our support team at or directly via Slack.

Open a channel with plugins

When you start a browser channel with Agilitest, the channel will be without plugins, without history, accounts, etc…

This simulates the use of a real user visiting your application for the first time. This is why a channel started by Agilitest does not load extensions by default.

There are several ways of achieving the behaviour you want, the simplest being to create a user profile and define this user profile when the channel is started.

Or, there is also the option of adding elements to your file.

See the official documentation:

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