Settings menu

The Agilitest configuration menu is the first page to visit just after an installation.

Here are the different elements that you will find there:

Language configuration

This menu allows you to select the language used by the Agilitest interface. It requires a restart of the editor to be taken into account.

Language selection in Agilitest

ATS configuration

Agilitest needs an up-to-date ATS library to work.

This menu allows you to download the latest library and is correctly configured by default: just click on the "Update" button.

If you want to get this library to position it in a specific directory, you can click on "Download ATS Components": you will get a .zip file that you can uncompress wherever you want.

Finally, the "Change configuration" button will allow you to specify in detail how you want Agilitest and ATS to interface with your applications.

ATS configuration menu

Java configuration

Java is required for running Agilitest, in a fairly recent version.

This menu allows you to download the latest version we recommend for using Agilitest. It is correctly configured by default.

The additional configuration is for those of you who want to call java code in Agilitest actions and use their debugger in an eclipse or intelliJ type IDE.

The debug port is the one you need to configure in your editor. You can also ask Agilitest to wait for the connection to your IDE when the channel starts. Be careful not to check this option if you do not have an IDE present because you may not be able to open your channel if the IDE does not respond.

Java configuration menu

MAVEN configuration

This menu allows you to directly manage ATS dependencies using MAVEN. It is reserved for expert use for those who wish to use a specific version of ATS while allowing to recover all of its dependencies.

MAVEN configuration
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