Hardware and software requirements

AGILITEST is a client application running on Windows operating systems.

Supported systems:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10 at least

Software requirements

The following software requirements are necessary for the AGILITEST solution to work properly.

  • Installation of the Java JDK 11 at least recommended (Jdk 15 may be automatically installed by Agilitest)
  • Installation of the .NET Framework 4.8
  • Browsers: support for the latest versions of browsers and for relatively recent versions for which there is a Web driver. Specific version may be configured as default.
  • Chrome
  • Chromium / JXBrowser
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft NewEdge
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer : V11 supported / only the latest versions (contact us).


Agilitest supports recent Android versions> 5.0.

Support of physical mobiles.

Support of emulators (Android Studio, Genymotion...)


Agilitest supports recent iOS versions> v12.

Support of physical mobiles.

Support of emulators.

Material requirements

Personal computer :

The minimum hardware recommendation for using AGILITEST on your client computer is the same as that for the .NET Framework 4.8

  • Processor : 2 GHz at least
  • Memory : 16 Go

Global installation: approximately 300 MB of disk space is required

  • Java JDK : 250 Mo
  • Apache Maven : 10 Mo
  • Selenium Libraries + ATS : 10 Mo
  • Selenium Drivers : 26 Mo
  • Adobe Air : 10 Mo

A good screen resolution is required, at least 1280x1024, in order to view the application without scroll, or with a limited scroll and Agilitest in the same screen.

Two screens is a must if you intend to use Agilitest on a daily bases, one screen for Agilitest and one screen for the application tested.

Network & applications

Agilitest update:

In order to regularly update your agilitest version, you'll need to have a full network access to those sites:

The accesses are done on the ports 80 and 443.

If this is not or partially the case, please contact us in order to obtain a standalone version of Agilitest : this specific version does not include an automatic update at startup.

Applications accesses:

The computer on which Agilitest is installed must have access to the applications:

Web & webservices : access to the web application through a web browser installed on the computer

Desktop : the application must be installed on the same machine as Agilitest

Mobile application : you'll need to install ATSMobileStation on the computer on which the physical or emulated mobiles are installed

SAP Gui : The machine must have a SAPLogon access

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