Hardware and software requirements

Agilitest is an heavy-client application running on Windows operating systems.

Agilitest handles test projects that are accessible on the workstation, over network access, or any other file system accessible from the workstation's Windows Explorer.

You can create test projects, create tests, test campaigns and replay them from his Agilitest client.

The tests are generated in an open-source language ATS or ActionTestScript. This standard is compatible with the Maven and TestNg standards which allow broader deployment of continuous integration test environments.

For more information on ATS:

Prerequisites for using Agilitest

Software requirements

Supported systems

Installation of the Agilitest client requires access to a recent Windows system, at least:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10 or 11

Installation of Agilitest

‍Agilitest is provided in the form of a .zip file to be unzipped into a directory.

It is necessary to have read-write access to this directory, and that the decompression operation does not alter the structure of the files necessary for the operation of Agilitest.

It is important to check the access rights to the target directory, as well as the behavior of antivirus software, Windows Defender or other anti-malware which could impact the smooth running of operations.

Launch of Agilitest and verification of correct behavior

The following softwaresare necessary for the Agilitest solution to function properly:

  • Installation of Java JDK 17 at least (Jdk 20 recommended). You can can decide to configure your own JDK or simply ask Agilitest to provide them with a functional version (we use OpenJDK in version 21)
  • Installation of .NET Framework 4.8

To check that Agilitest is working correctly, you must launch the Agilitest.exe application located at the root of the installation directory. During the first launch, Agilitest offers to install or configure a JDK, as well as to download the latest version of the ATS libraries that it uses for its operation.

After this operation, you will be able to create test projects and automate tests from their workstation.

To know more about the installation and settings of Agilitest:

🔸 Warning

The positioning of environment variables by certain tools can impact the proper functioning of Agilitest (for example:JAVA_TOOLS_OPTIONS)

Access to the SUT

Depending on the technologies on which you wish to carry out tests, you will need to deploy a certain number of software complementary to Agilitest.

Web Technologies

The Agilitest editor supports almost all browsers running Windows in relatively recent versions for which there is a Web driver:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft MSEdge
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Chromium / JXBrowser (Need Agilitest technical support)

By default the last version is supported. If you need to perform some tests on a specific version, you can consult this documentation or contact the support team:


Agilitest has its own internal and graphical browser allowing you to automate web services. There is no need to install anything for this to work.


Agilitest supports recent versions of Android > 5.0.

Support for physical mobiles.

Support for emulators (Android Studio, Genymotion...)

The operation of Agilitest under Android requires the installation of ATSMobileStation which allows the link between mobiles and an ATS process which controls them.

More information on:


Agilitest supports recent versions of iOS > v12.

Support for physical mobiles.

Emulator support.

Depending on the version of iOS tested, Xcode will need to be in a certain version. To find out more, you can consult this summary table:

‍The operation of Agilitest under iOS requires the installation of ATSMobileStation which allows the link between mobiles and an ATS process which controls them.

More information on:


Support for SAP technologies requires a specific version of Agilitest. Please contact us if this is not the case.

Support for SAP web frameworks, such as FIORI, Neptune or based on SAPUI5, is offered natively using a web connection with a browser.

For technology testingSAP Guide: The computer on which the tests are recorded or replayed must have SAPLogon access.

Furthermore, it is necessary to activate automation on both the SAP server and SAP Gui client side.

Hardware requirements

Here are the hardware requirements to run Agilitest.

Supported systems

Running the Agilitest client requires a Personnal Computer under Windows Operating System.

Personal computer

The minimum recommended hardware for using Agilitest on your client computer is the same as for the .NET Framework 4.8.

  • Processor: 2 GHz at least
  • Memory: 8 GB mini, 16 GB for comfort.
  • Java JDK: 300 Mo
  • Apache Maven : 10 Mo
  • Selenium + ATS Libraries: 40 Mo
  • Website and system drivers: 26 Mo

The overall installation if everything is installed isapproximately 500 MB of disk space.


Agilitest is intended for professionals in the creation and maintenance of automated functional tests. A minimum of two screens is essential for the conditions to be good.

A good screen resolution is required, at least 1280x1024, in order to view the application without scrolling, or with limited scrolling and Agilitest in the same screen.

💡 Tip

For ease of use, we recommend using two screens. However, a single large enough screen may be enough. Agilitest is 1500 px wide and 1000 px high, so you need to take this into account, as well as the size of the application you want to test, so that both can be displayed readably on the screen.

Mobile devices

For mobile testing, all the recent configurations of iOS and Android systems are supported.

Network and complementary applications

Network access

In order to regularly update your version of Agilitest, you will need to have full network access to these sites:


The update operation takes place when Agilitest is launched and is fully automatic.

If your system does not have access to the internet, we have solutions allowing Agilitest to operate in standalone mode which does not access any external system.

To know more:

ATS executions

Agilitest and ATS are two different things.

Both of them can interface with a whole set of open-source tools, CI/CD, DEV/OPS, allowing you to manage test campaigns or replay tests.

We provide a whole set of preconfigured tools to easily deploy ATS technology (launchers, docker environments, etc.).

ATS can be executed on Windows, MacOS and Linux 2018+.

You will find more information on:

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