Licences management

The purpose of the licence management application is to access your personal information.

To access the licences interface, go to the Agilitest "Help" page, at the top right.

help button

Then click on the dedicated button to open licence management web page.

used licences button

The web page will open to a front page.

licences page

Click on Access page” and enter your login details

enter login page

There are three possible outcomes:

  1. If the ID does not exist, you will be blocked.

        2. If the ID exist but does not have a password, you will be informed that a e-mail has been sent to you with a new password.

Once you have entered your username, enter the corresponding password

enter password

If you do not have a password, a message will inform you that one will be created and sent to you by e-mail.

messsage about new password received by email

       3. If there is no issue with the ID, enter your password. If it is valid you will be taken to the information page

licence information page

On the information page, you can find information about licences and related equipment.

You can also request the deactivation of a licence. This is done via a clickable button that displays a confirmation request. You will then receive a pop-up notification.

In the table of active devices, you can ask for a device to be deactivated.

To do this, click on the "Deactivate" button in the licence line.

deactivate button

Then click on "Send request" so that it can be processed by the Agilitest team.

device deactivation

Once the deactivation request has been accepted by the Agilitest team, the device will appear in the table of deactivated devices.

deactived devices panel

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