Project explorer

The Agilitest Project Explorer represents a physical file tree that you will find on your computer as it is.

We made this deliberate choice for several reasons:

A test corresponds to a file ATS, readable and modifiable, it is thus interesting to have this correspondence to be able to use them directly from your operating system.

This organization will  allow you to manage your files in folders and sub-folders without any big complexity, and it makes it possible to manage a very large number of tests.

Finally, we are ourselves on a MAVEN-type tree, so that we can take advantage of the ability to manage dependencies so that they are always up-to-date with ATS, and people who wish to use it with Agilitest can do it simply.

Tree Example in the Project Explorer

The contents of the directories

Here is the detail of the main useful directories that make up the project explorer:

  • libs : This directory can integrate non-MAVEN-dependent libraries that you want to use with your test project.
  • src\assets\data : Contains the CSV files used to variabilize your scenarios and do Data Driven Testing.
  • src\assests\resources\images : This directory stores the images used for graphic recognition.
  • src\assets\resources\lang : This directory includes the different translation files you use (for example in your video files)
  • src\exec : Contains the executions files that you have created with Agilitest. These files can be used as is by Agilitest or your continuous integration environment compatible with TesNG.
  • main\ats : Contains your tests in ATS format, and subdirectories that you have declared. The number of .ats files in each directory is indicated.
  • main\java : Contains the java code files you want to call from your ATS scripts.
  • target\classes : Contains the compiled code of your java files, this includes the java code generated by ATS and the additional java files you have imported.
  • target\generated : Tthe ATS code is transformed into java which is generated in this directory before being compiled.
  • target\logs : Executions logs generated by TesNG.
  • target\output : A set of files and directories used by TestNG during the execution of the tests.
  • target\report: Contains the ATSV (ATS video) files that are generated on demand during test replay.
  • target\report\<name_of_the_test> : Contains all the screenshots that are generated during a test replay, as well as an actions.xml file. All of these elements allow you to generate reports on demand in several formats, including pdf, using the XLST FOP engine.

Change the view of the project explorer

By selecting the menu at the top right of the project explorer, you will be able to modify its display.

Project Explorer View Menu
  • Projects Explorer: Normal view
  • Show resource images: Allows you to see all the images you have used for graphic recognition at a glance.
  • Show ATS scripts : Allows you to see only your test scripts
  • Show visual reports : Allows you to focus on the videos generated during the execution of your tests.
The image view
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