Script comments and log

▶️ You can watch our tutorial on how to use script comments and logs on our Youtube channel.

Agilitest lets you use advanced comment formatting directly from the editor. HTML format is used to design your comments as you wish.

You can use script variables to make comments with actual script data.

There are four types of comment:

  • Script comment
  • Functional step
  • Execution log
  • Report summary

Script comment

The script comment is the one that will be applied by default when you click on the "Comment" action.

comment action

This commentary explains the operations performed by the script, for the benefit of those who will need to consult it in order to maintain it.

"Functional step" comment

functional step button

This type of comment will appear in the final execution report.

"Execution log" comment

execution log butto

This type of comment appears in the test execution logs.

“Report summary” comment

report summary button

This type of comment appears in the test execution summary in the execution report.

For each comment type, you have the option of voice input:

comment with vocal input
  • The first microphone icon is used to speak your input aloud.
  • The second microphone icon with the "A" is for formatting (bold text, italics, etc...).

Insert a special value

It is also possible to insert a special value for all types of comments.

special value button

Example of formatting

Below are a few examples of the HTML string formats allowed in Agilitest:

  • Bold characters:

<b> Bold characters </b>

bold characters

  • Underlined characters:

<u> Underlined characters </u>

underlined characters

  • Italic characters:

<i> Italic characters </i>

italic characters

  • Using bullets:

<UL> <LI> Using bullets  N°1</LI><LI>Using bullets  N°2</LI></UL>

using bullets

  • Prioritized into numbered paragraphs:

<OL><LI>Number 1</LI><LI>Number 2</LI></OL>

numbered paragraphs

  • Insert an active clickable link:

<a href="">Bug 1431248</a>

clickable link

  • Insert and display a link to a screenshot:

<img src="" width="300" height="110"/>


  • Colored text

<font color="red">text</font>

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