Tools configuration

Agilitest can be completed with various tools to optimize the create and maintenance of tests. You can find these tools in the “Tools” menu, situated at the top right of the editor. It is advised to download them all right when you have installed Agilitest in order to have them at your disposition during the use of Agilitest.

You can open the Agilites tools page by clicking on the “Tools” button at the top right of the editor.

tools button

This will open the page with all the tools that can be added to the Agilitest functionnement.

tools page

You can download these tools directly from Agilitest by clicking on the links next to each tools.

download button

Jasper report

jasper report

Jasper reports are used to generate tests reports in pdf format available from the html reports.

pdf report

Apache Maven project management

apache maven project management

This menu allows you to directly manage the ATS dependencies with Maven. It is reserved for expert use for those who wish to use a specific version of ATS while allowing to recover all its dependencies.

Maven corresponds to an utility that enables a project’s construction and the management of its dependencies.  If a library is under a certain version, with Maven it is possible to cohabit several versions and to choose which version will be processed after having compiled its project.



FlaUinspect is a Windows tool that is used to identify the components under Windows. It corresponds to what Windows can “see” when there are open applications.

Click on the execute button to open the FlaUInspect window

execute button

The tool starts from the desktop and will show all the windows that are open and the various components they are composed of.

flauinspect window

This corresponds to the Windows interpretation of  Web component, so the level is not as high as the capture tool that is dedicated to the Web. But, it can be interesting to use on native windows application clients. This shows the path you can recreate manually with a locator when the capture tool does not work correctly.

This tool is notably used to debug or debunk particular cases.

Jenkins server

jenkins server

The Jenkins server is a continuous integration tool.  This tool can be deployed in two ways:

  • Embed server: This corresponds to a local use. It is a pre-configurated system made to function locally with basic plugins and settings pushed by Agilitest to run on computers.
  • Remote server: This corresponds to an online server, on the company’s cloud or a dematerialized zone (DMZ).

Once you are connected you will have access to these three buttons:

jenkins buttons
  • Disconnect
  • Stop Jenkins
  • Open page

All these tools are not mandatory for Agilitest to work, however, they provide a complementary service and help to improve the user experience.

Example :

With the continuous integration, it is possible to run tests in a scheduled way: during the night, the morning or at whatever hour of the day. This is possible through Jenkins, not Agilitest.

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