Genymotion cloud

Agilitestet and ATS, through free software ATSMobilestation, downloadable here allow you to use Android emulators in the Genymotion cloud.

The prerequisite to do so is to have a Genymotion cloud account.

At launch, ATSMobilestation shows the connected devices :

In our case, we have a OnePlus physical mobile connected by USB and controlled by the Wifi network.

A physical mobile is connected by Wifi

Setting up your Genymotion account

ATSMobilestation will manage your Genymotion account, launch emulators and perform tests on them using Python scripting language gmsaas .

Click on the "gear" icon to open the settings menu:

Menu paramètres d'ATSMobilestation

You need to install Python, then enter its path in the "Python folder" field.

Click on "Install components", ATSMobilestation will install the gmsaas components:

Installation of gmsaas

Enter your Genymotion credentials:

Renseignez vos identifiants

The installation is finished!

Click on "Finish"

Launch a Genymotion emulator in the cloud

ATSMobilestation then displays a new tab, with the list of Genymotion terminals to which you can have access:

Liste des devices Genymotion dans ATSMobilestation  

Click on the green + to launch an emulator in the cloud, the emulator is then installing...

Install a Galaxy S7

... and is displayed in the list of available emulators. The "chain" icon indicates that the emulator is linked to your instance of ATSMobilestation. The emulators available on the same Genymotion account but on other PCs/Servers do not have a chain.

The device is installed

You can also count them in the Genymotion cloud tab:

3 Genymotion devices are launched

The new terminal is available in the list of connected terminals:

Connected and ready to run

Use the Genymotion

You can use it in Agilitest to write or launch tests:

Opening a channel on a Genymobile terminal in the cloud
Performing a test on a Genymobile device

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