Configuring ATS

ATS configuration options are directly accessible from the Agiltiest control panel and some menus (especially in executions).

How to configure ATS?

It is also possible to configure some of the AGILITEST editors' functions via the configuration file.atsProperties accessible directly from the editor via the "Settings" menu > "Edit configuration" button.

The currently allowed settings are as follows:

  • Default number of executions of each action in the editor before deciding on a failure: default set to 10.


  • Positioning of windows automatically opened by the editor: default coordinates of the upper left corner set to x=20 and y=20
  • Sizing of windows automatically opened by the editor: width and height set by default to 1500 x 960


  • Management of "timeOut" on script execution and web page loading: set by default to 60ms and 120ms


  • Management of access paths to the different browsers and specific timings for each:

<path>C:\Program Files\Opera\52.0.2871.40\opera.exe</path>
<path>C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe</path>

  • Management of access paths to the various Windows desktop applications installed on the client machine: A shortcut will be automatically created in the "app" part of the "Start channel" actions of AGILITEST

<path>C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe</path>

The access paths will have to be adapted according to your configuration.

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