Version management

Regular update

Agilitest is a software solution that automatically updates itself at launch. And there is usually a new version every week.

Our philosophy is to be responsive to the needs of our customers and our installed base.

In addition, Agilitest supports the latest versions of browsers, and this is absolutely necessary to check their changes and update our drivers (see the info on Chrome 74).

ATS and the Agilitest editor

At launch, Agilitest starts by updating the open-source ATS library.

ATS is the open-source library that manages all the interfaces with the technologies supported by Agilitest and replay the tests written in ATS format.

This update will insure that the Agilitest editor will use the very last version of ATS.

Then the Agilitest editor will update itself : A splash screen will inform you that a new version is available, and propose you to update it.

Update proposed at launch

You also see the content of the new version: it includes the following elements (so far in French):

Ajouts : These are new features not related to existing functions.

Evolutions : New features related to existing functions & functions extensions

Corrections :  Functional bug fixes, feature fixes, technical improvements.

You can refuse the update

Obviously, you can refuse the update, but know that the impact is quite limited since it concerns only the editor and its features: the update of ATS is automatic.

I want to use a specific ATS version

Stabilizing the use of a specific version of ATS is quite possible by referencing the ATS library you want.

We do not recommend this because the changes in the editor and ATS are closely related, but we consider that this feature may interest some customers. In general, you may not have access to some recent features developed in the editor.

Modify project properties

To indicate the desired ATS version, just click on the modification of the properties of a project (icon with the key in the project banner).

Modify project properties

If you want to let Agilitest manage the dependencies and automatically download the required libraries for the selected version, you can check "Use Maven with Agilitest". Otherwise, you will have to manually move the version into your .actionTestScript directory.

Finally, when the ATS version of the installed components is not that of your project, Agilitest indicates you by information panels present in the properties tab and in the project explorer's project banner.

Projects using different versions of ATS

What should I do?

We advise you to systematically update your version of the Agilitest editor and the ATS library that it uses.

It may happen that you refuse to finish a short test and then update your editor later.

I want to reset my configuration

Here's how to reset your configuration :

1/ Uncheck "use Maven" in the properties of your project.

2/ Delete both libs and drivers directories (in your user directory under the .actionTestScript directory).

3/ Close and restart Agilitest

4/ Check that the libraries are well updated at start and downloaded in the configuration tab, otherwise buttons will allow you to download them.

Editor's settings correctly updated
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