Text input

You can watch our tutorial or you can go through our documentation about text input :

How to use the text input

The Enter text action can be accessed directly from the toolbar, or by dropping a locator in the editor:

Create an Enter text action using the menu...
... or create it by dropping a locator

In both cases, a submenu allows you to enter the text you want :

Type your text

A set of additional keys allows you to use special keys when entering text.

The menu allowing to Insert specific values

You can use the menu allowing you to insert a special value, variable, etc.

Obviously, to see your text appear in the tested application, the interface element on which you perform this action must accept text entries from the keyboard. However, Agilitest will not forbid you to do so on a wrong item, the final operation will always depend on how your application reacts.

Send text on a link is possible, even if nothing happens

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