Text input

▶️ You can also watch our tutorial on how to use text input on our Youtube channel.

Create a text input

The "Enter text" action can be accessed directly from the actions menu,

enter text action

or by dropping a locator in the editor

enter text with a created action

The enter text action looks like this:

enter text action in the editor

To enter the required text, click on the "Enter text [ ]" action.

text input

A set of additional keys are available to simulate the keys on a keyboard.

additional keys

You can also enter special values when entering text.

special values menu

Of course, in order for your text to appear in the application being tested, the interface element on which you are performing this action must accept text input from the keyboard.

However, Agilitest will not prevent you from doing this on a wrong element, as the final operation will always depend on the reaction of your application.

enter text action succeeded

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