Genymotion emulators

Agilitestet and ATS, through free software ATSMobilestation, downloadable here let you use Android emulators from Genymotion Desktop.

Download and install the Genymotion solution

The prerequisite to be able to do this is to have downloaded and installed the Genymotion solution and installed an emulator.

By default, the Genymotion Desktop solution will allow you to launch emulators for your personal use. This can allow you to carry out tests before opting for a paid version.

The advantage of using this solution is that it is perfectly integrated with Agilitest and ATS, and that you will be able to very easily launch a wide variety of Android emulators:

  • Different formats (phone, small tablet, large tablet)
  • Android version
  • Screen density
  • Screen size in pixels
  • Source

Genymotion Desktop

Then you just need to launch an emulator:

Start a Samsung Galasy S7 emulator in Genymotion
Emulateur Galaxy S7 Genymotion

Then, you must launch ATSMobilestation, which indicates the terminals which are connected, you have several possibilities:

In our case, the Genymotion Desktop emulator appears directly in the list of terminals connected to the PC:

ATS mobilestation - Agilitest

You just have to use it to perform a mobile test.

In the image below, you will be able to identify: the Genymotion Desktop solution having launched an Android emulator, Agilitest and ATSMobilestation launched and carrying out a capture operation on a key on the calculator.

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